Power. Increasingly, the world demands more of it and needs it to be delivered through cleaner burning and more efficient plants. We have the experience and expertise you require to meet not only industry demands, but also those that are unique to your operations. We deliver turnkey solutions to plan, design, construct and operate power plants, as well as improve the performance and reliability of turbines, high-speed rotating equipment, pumps and compressors. Applying our specialist knowledge across a broad range of rotating equipment, we enable safe, reliable and cost-effective operations throughout the lifecycle of your facility and assets.
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OEM equipment and parts supply - Power plant engineering services - Procurement operations management

Power plant construction - Green Energy Services - Life cycle maintenance - Control systems - Total plant solutions

Our turbine parts engineering, manufacturing and testing processes parallel the OEM without the high costs or red tape. Our direct control over all manufacturing operations ensures our clients receive fast deliveries, reduced costs and the peace of mind that comes with proven quality turbine parts. Our supply chain consists of ISO certified, turbine specialized manufacturers that are carefully guided by our detailed specifications and supported by our on staff engineering team. Our turbine parts are produced using state of the art manufacturing equipment and processes, which include mandatory casting models and rigorous analysis for first article approval.

We Partner with our worldwide customers using heavy industrial gas turbines from all major OEMs. Our client partner relationships position us to constantly adapt to the demanding needs of turbine operators. Please feel free to contact us with your specific parts and technical requirements.

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